Camels Hump

Not much crag info yet sorry – but we do have a post about toileting!

Human waste ethics Geburrh/Mt Macedon:

Rule number #1: Go before you go. Never say no to a loo.

At Mt Macedon there are two toilet options that we ask all climber’s use. First, plan your trip and stop at one of the four roadside toilet blocks within 10 min of the carpark. Second, if you are at the crag and missed your opportunity for option 1, there is a drop toilet only 650m from the car park that should be used! Turn left on to the walking track instead of taking the emergency access track (climbing trail) and follow the trail for 650m to the McGregors Picnic spot drop toilet. With this toilet so close to the crag there is no need to poo anywhere near the crag.

Nobody likes finding improperly discarded human waste. If you need to urinate, find a suitable location 30+ m from any water sources and make sure to avoid trampling any bush! Any use of toilet paper needs to be carried out so double bag it and put it in your pack.

Final resorts: In all situations it is best to pack it out, especially in high use areas (and alpine areas). The best method is some sort of poo tube or twist top container that you keep in your pack with some recycled bags. Poo directly into the bag, tie a knot and slip it in your tube. If you find the tube too bulky a good quality reusable waterproof stuff sack is a good emergency option, and easily goes up a multi pitch with you.

The absolute last port of call is the cat hole. Burying human waste must be 100m from any water courses and 15-30cm deep in the sub soil for composting but not deeper. You must pack out the toilet paper and not bury it.

The toilet blocks are:
1. Centennial Park, cr Mount Macedon Rd & Honour Ave
2. Stanley Park, cnr salibury Rd and Bingarra Ln
3. McGregors Picnic Ground drop toilets,144.590411
There are two more at the Memorial Cross Café and other picnic grounds on approach from Woodend.

*Geburrh is important to the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung, Dja Dja Wurrung, and Taungurung people. Treat this land well.