Get Involved

How you can get involved:

There are many ways you can get involved with Crag Stewards Victoria. Everyone at CSV is a volunteer; but we welcome people to put themselves forward as Stewards, or Helpers. If you need to some help in working out how you could best contribute, please CONTACT US.

Steward Roles

There is a variety of roles within the stewardship structure (click for full detail).

All steward positions will require some climbing experience and some formal commitments. These aren’t too onerous, but nevertheless need to be done. As a Crag Steward you need to be familiar with your crag and able to visit on a regular basis to check on how it is travelling. As a General Steward, you need to be climbing regularly and have a good understanding of each of the crags you go to.

All stewards require some training, in the role itself as well as cultural training and Parks Victoria inductions, although the latter are still under development.

Stewards are assigned to positions and there may not be a position available in the area you would prefer, but it is still likely that you would be able to assist in some way, so please get in touch.

If you are interested in a steward position, please fill out our Google Docs form.

Volunteer / Helper

You can also register your interest in helping out at working bees, fundraisers, other events or even committees or working groups. Just indicate what you are happy to contribute, where you are prepared to go and if you have any particular skills that we could utilise. We will give you some basic training and then we will email you with opportunities to help out as they arise. You can take up those opportunities as often or as little as you can manage.

All volunteers are required to be registered with PV and obtain a Working-with-Children Check. We know this is an impost on volunteers, but is unavoidable at this point.

More information on becoming of Volunteer will be coming shortly.


We also accept donations, which helps fund the organization, and to assist in establishing and running projects. We are setup as not-for-profit, and all funds go towards climbing access. We also accept donations direct via bank transfer. NB – We also have a separate fund in place for rebolting purposes.