“Climbers actually doing what we claim to do—caring for the environment, cultural heritage and the rock itself.”

Crag Stewards Victoria (CSV) seeks to collaborate with the community to preserve and celebrate the cultural and environmental values of the places where we climb. We strongly believe that recreational rock climbing can exist in an environmentally and culturally sustainable manner.

Stewardship Principles

Build a climbing stewardship community and structure

Our foundation of people is collectively working under a stewardship structure that supports the protection of popular and valuable climbing areas. Assigning stewards to crags based on their climbing experience, their connection to the crag and their ability to interact with the community, they will train others and represent the crag in the organisation.

Educate climbers on best practice

CSV aims to educate rock climbers on best climbing practices. Activities such as outdoor climbing etiquette training at gyms and clubs, influencing behaviour of climbers at crags and updating the community on cultural and environmental values.

Monitor and assess the impact of climbing

CSV has a network of stewards to identify the cultural and environmental values and threats relevant to each climbing area. Typically using park management plans and cultural heritage surveys, supported by information from local Traditional Owners and land managers collaborating to protect the crag.

Reconciliation and promoting Australia’s indigenous cultures

CSV will engage in mutually beneficial relationships with traditional owners of each climbing area. Together we aim to identify local cultural training opportunities, support cultural heritage survey work and collaborate on the presentation of cultural information on our website and locally at crags.

Climbing Regions

CSV’s stewardship structure is based on dividing Victoria into seven geographical regions. Each region is allocated a number of stewards according to the complexity and popularity of the area. Our primary focus is on the most popular locations and those with high cultural or environmental significance that require particular protection measures.

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