Crag Stewards Victoria is all about climbers taking action to protect the cultural and environmental values at the places we love to climb for future generations to enjoy.

CSV – Stewardship objectives:

  • Establish a Network of Crag Stewards
  • Assess and monitor the impact of climbing on cultural and environmental values
  • Collaborate with Traditional Owners and Land Managers
  • Promote understanding and respect for traditional cultures
  • Encourage best climbing practices with the climbing community

About – Organisation

Crag Stewards Victoria is registered as a Not-for-Profit organisation. It is run by a board of up to six elected members and the Steward Coordinator who is appointed by the board.

Board Members:

Steven Wilson (Steward Co-Ordinator)
Is the driving / founding force behind Crag Stewards, and a seasoned climber of 28 years. He has had a strong sense of stewardship, especially for his local crags around Mt Macedon, and wants to contribute to establishing respectful relations with land managers and Traditional Owners, and helping to sustain climbing for future generations to enjoy.
Martin Jackson (Chair)
Has loved climbing ever since first visiting Arapiles/Dyurrite in 1983, and is a frequent visitor to Gariwerd. Wishes to assist in making climbing a sustainable activity, and gain a better understanding of Cultural Heritage values.
Leeanne Lindorff (Secretary)
Is a long term local resident of Natimuk, and is strongly embedded in the local community, and climbing scene. Enjoys climbing, and experiencing cultures around the world, brought together by common appreciation for the natural beauty of the landscapes we love. Leeanne also has experience in business and in the running of Non Profits.
Steve Toal
Has climbed throughout the world since the 1970’s, and is a part-time resident of Halls Gap in Gariwerd. Being a regular to the Grampians, Steve authored the Central Grampians comprehensive guide in 2019, and brings a wealth of experience to CSV, from business to past experience in MUMC and the VCC.
Goshen Watts (Webmaster)
Climbing since 1993, Goshen enjoys a wide variety of climbing styles, in particular adventure/trad climbing experiences around Gariwerd. Goshen is the tech/admin behind the CSV website. In addition, he also created the Save Grampians Climbing website.

Note, if you need to contact CSV or any steward or board member, please do so via our Contact Form.

Stewardship Structure

The Steward Coordinator is responsible for setting up and maintaining the structure.

Each region is assigned a Regional Steward and a group of Stewards and Volunteers structured to suit the needs and size of the area.

All stewards and volunteers will undertake local cultural training where this is possible.

Not all climbing locations are covered by the stewardship program. Our primary focus is on the most popular locations and those with high cultural or environmental significance that require particular protection measures.

The structure and stewardship positions are reviewed annually.


The community is stronger if we work together. If you’re a gym, business or organisation that aligns with Crag Steward Victoria’s values, we’d love to talk to you.

Some of our partners include:

Some of these organisations, at times, may have programs and projects that overlap with our objectives. CSV is happy to support or collaborate with any work that contributes towards the same goals and under similar values as ourselves.