Stewardship Structure

There are a wide range of climbers working in different roles to support Crag Steward Victoria. These roles include:


Elected position nominated by the Board. Leads the stewardship program


Provides the primary line of communication between Land Managers, Traditional Owners, the Stewards and other stakeholders.

Regional Stewards

Develop Area and crag structure within the Region


Oversee and coordinate activities of Area stewards and Crag Stewards in their Region.

Regional representatives for communication with Parks Victoria and Traditional Owners where required.

Support Area Stewards in prioritising and resourcing activities and communications.

Generally experienced climbers with 15 years diverse climbing experience.

Area Steward

Assigned in Regions where the large spread and number of crags requires further division to support the Regional Steward.


Report to Regional Stewards

Oversee and coordinate activities of Crag Stewards in their Area.

Support Crag Stewards in prioritising and resourcing activities and communications.

Crag Stewards

Primary contact for a crag. Required to visit the crag at least 3 times per year.

Completes a Crag Assessment.


Reviews the Crag Assessment and proposed follow-up actions with their Area or Regional Steward. 

Facilitates work/projects for the crag.

Collects comments / suggestions / feedback from the climbing community and park community.

Communicates issues and status to the climbing community.

Promotes best practice etiquette and behaviour at the crag

Fosters a network of climbers who regularly use the crag to value and promote the objectives of the program.

Cliff Steward

Assists a crag steward by taking ownership of a section (cliff) of the crag.


Completes a Crag Assessment for this section and helps with all other stewardship activities at the crag.

General Steward

General Stewards contribute to the program by promoting best practices and etiquette at any Victorian Crag that they visit. These stewards are not allocated to any particular crag, area or region and don’t have the responsibilities associated with those positions.


They familiarise themselves with issues specific to the crag they are visiting and educate other climbers when necessary.

They may contact a Crag Steward in advance of a visit to the crag to ask if they can do anything specific during their visit.

Urban Steward

Crag Steward Victoria contacts in climbing gyms


Hold information sessions in the gyms and educate climbers on best outdoor practices and crag etiquette. 

Promote familiarity and support for the CSV program


Volunteer to help the organisation at any level without specific stewardship responsibilities